Welcome to the DIH Health Network website

This website gathers news, evidence, case studies & success stories from the Digital Innovation Hubs, and their ecosystems, that decided to join forces to speed up digital innovation in the European healthcare landscape.



Welcome to our website

After several months of internal exchanges and knowledge sharing, we decided that a public available and accessible space would be necessary. This website and its content will be updated by network members and as described elsewhere, gathers news, evidence, case studies & success stories from the Digital Innovation Hubs, and their ecosystems, that decided toContinue reading “Welcome to our website”

Welcome to 2 new stakeholders

The network welcomes 2 new stakeholders which have recently accepted to be involved: Ljubljana Technology Park Ljubljana (Slovenia) and Innovation Center Nikolas Tesla (Croatia) Technology Park Ljubljana started an initiative HealthDay.si in 2014 in collaboration with MESI Medical, XLAB and Better (then Marand) to accelerate placement of digital innovations into the healthcare system of SloveniaContinue reading “Welcome to 2 new stakeholders”

Where it all began…

DIH & Digital Health – Connecting the dots The idea of a network of Digital Innovation Hubs focused (also) on digital health and digital health technologies (i.e.: robotics, monitoring devices, etc.) was raised at the beginning of march 2020 as a way to support innovation driven relationships between the demand and the supply side ofContinue reading “Where it all began…”

How to Join the Network

Our network aims at involving and connecting Digital Innovation Hubs and, where relevant and helpful, stakeholders of their ecosystem, with a focus on digital innovation in health. We are eager to know and facilitate exchange on relevant themes like Silver generation focused solutions & assistive technologies, Digital empowerment & health literacy, Artificial Intelligence, Data Driven Decision Support, Smart Medical Devices, Use and Reuse of Health Data, Robotics and more.

We don’t have a legal entity nor have adopted a formal structure yet. Exchanges are quite relaxed and there is no obligation to be always part of the process. The group must be useful and relevant for those who take part to it. No fees or membership forms are required: what matters is to be willing to share (ideas, cases, opportunities, etc.) and be open (to a certain limit, of course) to meet and know potential synergic stakeholders.If you are interested simply contact us and we will love to introduce you to the group.

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